UPLIFT Program

  • Client:

    Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

  • Our Role:

The Challenge

Leadership giving is one of the backbones of Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation’s community giving program and was identified as a potential source of greater unrestricted gifts. The analysis was telling us there was way more opportunity to grow! How do you take an already successful program that’s meeting its goals and grow it further?


We decided to talk to the donors who were already giving at the leadership level as well as those giving just below, to uncover what it would take for them to give more. The insights showed that TGWHF donors had incredible trust in the organization, so much so that even with larger value gifts they were willing to allow the hospital to choose the designation. But they wanted to hear more about the innovation and research that was taking place and wanted to know that their support was recognized and mattered.


We leveraged the Accelerator Fund – a fund created to directly support innovation and research at Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals – through a series of high touch, content heavy appeals and feedback mechanisms. The appeals were designed to bring the donor closer to the work and the researchers. Multiple areas of research were featured as well as multiple signatories adding weight and credibility to the ask. To add a further level of personalization, a personal solicitor was assigned and donors were followed up with soft reminders and thank yous.

A targeted propensity model was developed to identify prospects who could double their giving and a personalized ask strategy was developed for each donor.


We’ve successfully inspired 40% of those included in the UPLIFT Campaign to double their giving, an increase in revenue by 15% in the same time period as the years previous. We were also able to leverage donor insights across the board and have lifted leadership revenue year-over-year. UPLIFT #1 increased revenue by 28% (in comparison to the mid-level pack from the year previous), and has increased overall net revenue for the Foundation by over $100,000 ( as of Dec 31st).