What We Do

We help our clients inspire their donors and build long term relationships.


We spend a lot of time thinking about how to create meaningful, long-term relationships between charities and their donors. This means taking donors on a journey from their initial gift, to deepening their commitment and inspiring high value giving. These strategies we develop are the roadmaps for this journey. Our expert fundraising team develops a unique and tailored plan for our clients and their donors. Whatever the intended destination, we’ll create a well-informed strategy to get there!

Finding DonorsFinding Donors
Retaining DonorsRetaining Donors
Acquiring donors is one of the biggest challenges our clients face in today’s complex and busy marketplace. It is rare for a “one-size-fits-all” approach to successfully inspire a large, diverse group to give. That’s why our acquisition strategies combine multiple channels that reach people in different ways, inspiring them to give for the first time.
By developing donor journeys (journey mapping), we can connect donors with different interests or profiles to your cause, and inspire them with communications tailored to their specific needs. We have expertise in helping organizations develop robust mid-level and monthly giving programs, beginning with a donor’s very first gift. We also help incorporate legacy into the conversation in new ways that cement long term relationships.




Insights and analytics are in our DNA. They provide the blueprint for smarter strategies, stronger creative, and greater success. Our in-house data gurus use sophisticated tools to collect and analyze data before, during, and after a campaign. The analysis, combined with information on donor needs and behaviours, help our clients set goals, target specific donors, monitor progress, and review results. If strategy is the roadmap for the donor journey, insights are the compass that point us in the right direction.

When it comes to data, we provide more information than you’d ever dream of. We can evaluate the health of your file with a simple DataChek. And through the BENCH, a comprehensive database audit, we can look at long term trends and migration patterns of your donors. Both analyses provide information on key performance indicators, allowing us to identify challenges and opportunities, and to monitor the overall success of a program over time.
After looking at historical trends within a donor database, we can provide plug-and-play options to show how different investment levels will affect future outcomes. This information helps our clients decide how much to invest and can also make a strong case for future investments.
A successful campaign will reach the right people at the right time. We have predictive models (applied propensity models) that help our clients determine which donors to target for monthly, mid-level, or legacy giving. We also have a tool for second gift analysis, which helps identify the best strategies, channels, and messages to create onboarding programs. This analysis supports higher rates of year-over-year retention and helps attract donors who are more likely to convert to high value giving.
Before developing strategy and creative, we want to know as much about donors as possible. What is important to them? What will it take for them to give more? Leveraging the expertise of Bluefrog, our partner in the UK, we find out the needs and interests of donors through in-depth interviews, focus groups, and surveys. We also have a specific tool for donor profiling, which provides socio-demographic and behavioural information about donors. These insights are incredibly valuable in shaping our communication strategies.
In both direct mail and digital campaigns, we monitor key performance indicators regularly and report back on challenges and opportunities. Our reporting includes results by channel, segment, package, and testing strategies – all against budget and with recommendations.




Our creative delivers unexpected ideas that inspire people to give by appealing to their hearts and minds. By telling inspiring stories through a variety of mediums we connect donor’s values to the mission.





Channel mix is key to every successful campaign. We have decades of expertise in direct mail, out-of-home print, and direct response television. Our expert in-house digital team knows how to create a donor experience that is inspiring and simple to navigate. We provide integration and support for every channel in the mix, as well as above line marketing.

Direct mailDirect mail
Direct mail has come a long way. We no longer send the same content at the same time to every donor. Using strategy and insights, our creative team combines inspiring messages with compelling design that motivates donors to open envelopes, explore the contents, and ultimately donate. Personalization is key and unlimited. Although direct mail is the backbone of many programs, it rarely stands alone. Integrating mail with other channels gives donors multiple opportunities to engage with your cause. We have special expertise in the development of in-depth mid-level and legacy solicitations.
Video is the #1 driver of engagement online. It is a powerful medium to inspire an audience and attract them to a cause. We are set up to provide a full suite of video options – from social media awareness to mid-level solicitations, from stewardship thank you messages, to fully integrated DRTV. Our video work is compelling and incites donations.
Today, digital can’t sit separately from other direct response marketing efforts. We incorporate digital into everything we do using practices from the commercial sector to deliver the best donor experience. We know how to navigate the complex digital environment, which includes email series, landing pages, microsites, donation forms, social media, and online media buys. In order to drive future investment, our digital and insights teams work closely to report on the outcomes of all digital programs.