if you aren’t digital-first you’re falling behind

Consumer expectations have changed. So have donor expectations. Charities and non-profits (like you) have to change with them.

The growth of digital giving is clear, and the disruption of offline channels by the global pandemic has only accelerated this trend. To stay relevant, your fundraising strategy needs to evolve to a model that is integrated, founded in insights, and (most importantly) digitally led.

We can get you there — with best-in-class fundraising strategy through a digital-first lens.

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How do you take a file that is:

  • Older
  • Direct mail focused
  • Premium-responsive (transactional)

And transform it into a file of:

  • Higher value
  • Digitally-responsive
  • Mission-based donors

How do you take an organization with a highly concentrated provincial presence and begin to expand their reach nationally, across Canada?

In 2018 Blakely began working with the Cancer Research Society on their year-end fundraising campaign. Fill out the form above and learn how our digital-first fundraising strategy accessed the untapped potential of online giving to drive 40% revenue growth year-over-year and a nearly 4x ROI.