10-Year Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking your program is key to understanding the health of your program, and also to identifying the impact of investment decisions over time.  Our BENCH analysis examines 15 years of data to develop a 5-year benchmark of your program, looking at key metrics across channel and program. 

The Mustard Seed has a mature direct response program, with direct mail as the primary channel.  Using our BENCH analysis, we demonstrated the strength of the current program, as well as areas of growth for the organization. This analysis helped shape investment and priorities for the next two years, to support the organization's growth.  It demonstrated the need to bolster acquisition efforts, increase multi-channel giving and develop stronger monthly and mid-level fundraising programs, all drivers of lifetime value. Working together, we will be maximizing their current program, while layering on increased investment in digital and TV and further developing monthly and mid-level products.


Case Studies