Patient Acquisition

Grand River Hospital Foundation needed new and renewed donor support from past patients. But their specific need, at a critical time of year, was controversial. An ongoing physician shortage presented a challenge to the community and the hospital. They needed to shift focus from an equipment ask, to funding a new emergency care doctor.

They turned to us to help them be on the right side of one of the most often heard complaint in the community. Donor insights and full integration was key to achieving the greatest impact. The campaign included direct mail to regular donors, mid-level donors, and grateful patients, and unaddressed homes across the region. Using digital (a first) the campaign was supported by a landing page, email, social media and Google display, search and remarketing ads. Earned media attention and organic social media amplified the messages. The results were astounding with revenue 23% over the campaign goal and a 50% increase in new donors.


Case Studies