Planned Giving (Legacy)

Plan International had a goal to increase their legacy marketing efforts and identify additional expectancies from among their most loyal donors – child sponsor monthly donors. Using key insights and propensity models, we built a legacy specific marketing campaign which included multi-year follow up and re-marketing.

The “This is their plan. What’s yours?” campaign utilized data strategy, segmentation support and highly targeted and personalized direct mail with a variable and customizable PDF follow up tool. Key integrated communication and support materials for the campaign including digital follow up for inquiries and communication elements for the website. To achieve our goals, we also engaged a partner to implement phone follow up.

The results over the 4 years of implementation have been positive with just under 900 new expectancies confirmed and solid inquiries on planned giving received.  More importantly, over 20,000 donors have had positive interactions through the program that have enhanced relationships long-term. This was achieved through a sensitive, personal and appropriate legacy marketing experience which seamlessly integrated with these donors’ existing journey with Plan International.


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