The mid-level donor group known as the Laurier Club is one of the most important to the Liberal Party of Canada. Many have been giving for years and are the backbone of the organization. Recognizing these donors and expressing gratitude for all they do for the Party is important. It cements their relationship with the organization, drives participation and future renewal.

An important part of the engagement program for Laurier donors is the new donor welcome process. Tasked with refreshing the existing new donor welcome communication, Blakely used insights from focus groups and best practices to breathe new life into the package. Research revealed donors want to be part of something bigger within the party, and feel connected to both the history of the Party and the future.

The package, sent to all existing and new Laurier Club donors, expressed this gratitude towards donors in a fresh way, while keeping impactful elements including a salute to the values and history of the organization - a lapel pin – and sharing key messages from the organization’s leaders.  The package has been very well received by donors and has been rolled out to new donors for the past two years.”


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