Adoption Campaign

The Challenge

WWF-Canada’s holiday adoption program has been an annual campaign in the Canadian marketplace for over a decade. The program was stable, but not growing. Moving the needle by increasing awareness and revenue, particularly in new markets, was a primary goal for 2013.


By analyzing the feedback given through a donor survey, Blakely was able to uncover the donor motivations for participating in the adoptions program. Capitalizing on that, we refreshed the creative platform and product (adoption kit) with the largest target audience in mind: women buying meaningful gifts for children.


In early 2013 we made a bold move to ‘delight and surprise’ WWF-Canada with a fresh and bold creative concept for the adoption program. The idea of using personal ads as a way to communicate the offer and the need was both out-of-the box for a charity and out of their comfort zone. This idea launched the 2013 Holiday Adoption Campaign, and the creative was carried through in 2014 and 2015.

Taking a multichannel approach to the project, the campaign was created with all channels in mind. From TV to digital to print, and even the kits themselves, we created a thread that would bring the donor along with us from first impression, to adoption, and eventually conversion to direct mail or monthly donations.

We designed an entirely new holiday adoption kit in English and French, including a gift bag, species posters and corresponding personalized adoption certificates. The more modern and collectable feel helped to drive multiple adoptions and return purchasing.


  • 31% increase in adoption kit sales.
  • 35% increase in revenue.
  • 45% increase in transactions (largely a result of new e-store platform driving conversions).
  • 24% of revenue from television and radio spots.
  • 100% increase in revenue from re-designed FSI (free standing insert)
  • More than doubled the number of new adopters.