Fall Leadership Proposal


The BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has a strong and engaged group of mid-level donors, but for a long time we had been mailing them a slight variation of our regular donor mailings and growth was minimal. We wanted to inspire these amazing mid-level donors to engage more deeply with the work.


The insight that drove this campaign was that mid-level donors want to feel like they’re making an investment. They want to be spoken to as an individual – not just one in a crowd – so personalization is key. They need content; they need to understand what the problem is – in detail – and the specific impact their support can make (i.e. the return on the investment).


In 2014 we tried a new approach with an expanded proposal-style package sent to the organization’s mid-level donors and targeted prospects. It was so successful in driving more giving that we repeated it in 2015, and wanted to take it to the next level. The 2015 package was an even more personalized mail package supported by a digital program, anchored by a specific patient story. The package showcased significant content; needs at the hospital in multiple areas including equipment and research. It also had a line on the front that said “A special proposal prepared exclusively for” followed by the donor’s name. This satisfies the insight that mid-level donors don’t want to be one in a crowd.


The campaign did better than expected. The gross revenue represented 283% of the budgeted revenue for the package.

The campaign pulled in a large gift of almost $100,000, and had an average gift of over $1,800.