Donor Calendar Mailing

The Challenge

Historically, Diabetes Canada’s appeal leading into the Fall had strong results. But over the course of a year, results had dropped significantly. A corporate partner’s desire to participate in the campaign led to strategic and creative changes in the appeal’s flagship piece: the calendar. These changes did not account for the needs and interests of donors.


This appeal had been a rising star. When the calendar was refreshed in 2015, results began to climb. We believed that results could be improved once again by changing the strategy behind the calendar’s creative direction. It needed to be more relevant to those receiving it. That meant creating something beautiful that donors would want to showcase in their workplace or kitchen, and that also let them know they’ve made a difference.


This is a very simple direct mail campaign with an email follow-up targeted to existing donors. It is also used to acquire new donors.

Knowing that the calendar’s appearance made a difference, we went heavier on the images and lighter on the information. Any information that was included was relevant to the donor or prospective supporter. In addition, we used a lot of “thank you” language to make the donors feel appreciated.

In order to determine whether the calendar had the greatest influence over results, we didn’t change the letter or outer envelope.


Our instincts to revamp the calendar were right! This campaign resulted in 15% more revenue than the previous year, and response rates were the highest in three years.