Fall Proposal

The Challenge

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has experienced great success over the past number of years with its Fall Proposal package for mid-level donors. This year we wanted to build off that success with new insights and fresh creative.


There were two main insights that drove this campaign.

First, we know from testing and research that mid-level donors love insider access. Their larger than average investment in the organization means they want to engage more deeply with the work and get a behind-the-scenes look at how they can make a bigger impact.

Second, their sense of impact is also driven by stories that bring to light the difference their giving makes. We needed a story that told that clearly.


We used mostly the same executions for this package, with some tweaks.

Because the patient story highlighted the power of research, we wanted to draw a creative comparison between children’s curiosity and that of a researcher/doctor. The outer envelope and cover of the proposal strongly drives this home.

The story itself talks about a mother who lost her first son to a rare disease. When she was pregnant with a new baby, it was determined that he would have the same disease. So before he was born, doctors at BC Children’s Hospital got to work straightaway on ensuring her new son survived – and he did! This story showed the power of research and donor support – it made the difference between one son surviving and the other unfortunately lost.

And finally, to give that behind-the-scenes, exclusive feeling – we put together a lift note from the doctor who was involved in both sons’ cases. This drove home just how important the donor is in saving children’s lives.


Despite a record-breaking 2015 campaign, the 2016 mailing maintained the same response, confirming that we are delivering mid-level donors what they want and need from the organization.