Heart Month – Monthly Acquisition Campaign

The Challenge

Heart & Stroke was looking to grow their monthly donor base and test DRTV in the process. We also had the opportunity to leverage the recent launch of their rebranding, and inspire Canadians whose interest was piqued to take action and fund research.


The insight that drove this campaign was that people want to fund research. Losing a loved one – or fearing their loss – can make a person feel helpless. But when there’s breakthrough research that can save their – and others’ – loved ones, that can help give someone control. Therefore, we knew research was the way in to the rational part of the mind that makes the decision to commit to monthly support.

However, you must capture someone emotionally first. Since we were talking about research into heart disease, we had to tell a story about someone lost from heart failure. But how could we make that story relevant to all Canadians? We zoned in on the insight that when you lose someone, you hold onto whatever you can that reminds you of them – a piece of clothing that smells like them, or – in the case of this campaign – a voicemail message.


This campaign was TV-led with a 60’s video played on television for a 4-week period.

The DRTV spot was supported digitally, with a Google search buy, Facebook ads, and Google display remarketing.

All assets drove to a monthly conversion-based landing page where viewers could watch a longer version of the video, learn more about the story and research, and make their gift.


The campaign drove ten times the usual number of monthly sign-ups Heart & Stroke had previously in this time period, and it proved that DRTV is a viable channel for the organization.