I’m In Engagement Campaign

The Challenge

The 2015 election was quickly approaching. We needed to find a way to inspire donors to raise their hand and say “I’m In” in support of the Liberal Party of Canada.


We knew people wanted to be part of a movement and would engage with a political campaign if they are passionate enough about it.


We wanted to capitalize on the hype surrounding the election. Our vision for the Liberal Party of Canada’s Spring 2014 appeal was to create a fully integrated marketing campaign that kicked off by inspiring and engaging supporters through a pop-up photo booth at the Liberal Convention in February 2014.

If someone wanted to show their support for the Liberal Party and be ‘In’, they would step into the booth and have their photo taken. In order to reach past the convention, we created a social and digital media campaign to encourage Canadians to engage and upload a picture to the site. The photo would then be used in upcoming marketing communications, such as being integrated into a mosaic on the outer envelope of the May 2014 direct mail appeal. Additionally, the photo could be integrated into a mosaic on the home page of a microsite that was live for approximately 8 weeks.


Digital: Approximately 4,440 people uploaded their photo to the microsite, proclaiming they were ‘In’ – in support of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Direct Mail – exceeded revenue goals by 25%

Engagement – acquired email addresses for upcoming engagement strategies