Integrated Spring Campaign

The Challenge

WWF has historically mailed donors a species-focused special appeal each spring and fall, with a single email follow-up. Results had been flat year over year, and WWF knew that in order to improve results, a different approach needed to be taken.


We know that donors want to hear from the researchers and scientists leading WWF’s conservation work.


We no longer live in a single – or even double – channel world. In order to move the needle, an investment in a truly integrated campaign was needed.

Using the insight we uncovered, we developed a concept that took the donor “behind the scenes.” The DM campaign included two packages – one for regular donors, and a separate package for leadership donors and prospects. This was supported by an integrated 4-email campaign that included a video in the initial email – all driving to a conversion based landing page.


This campaign had WWF’s highest results for a digital campaign, outside of the holiday season. The campaign model will be used again Fall 2016, with the additional of DM acquisition supported by a digital media buy.