Stewardship Postcard

The Challenge

After winning the 2015 election, the Liberal Party of Canada wanted to express thanks for all of the incredible support it received from donors and re-engage them in the next phase of the journey. Donors were uncertain as to why their support was still needed and the Liberal Party wanted to ensure that donors knew how important they were to the future of the Party.


New donors were an especially vulnerable group. Since they began supporting the Party during the election, they were especially likely to disengage once the election was won. We needed to ensure that they felt valued so that they would commit to the Party long-term.


We developed a stewardship postcard that was low in cost and high in personalization. It was sent via mail with a strong thank you message, meant to ensure these donors felt valued and critical to the continued success of the Party moving forward. We wanted to re-affirm the decision to give and support the ongoing relationship with the donor, while thanking them for their support.


As it was a pure stewardship piece, with no reply device, there was no revenue driven from this campaign. However, calls into the Party from donors showed they really appreciated the personalized postcard and giving has increased in post campaigns.