Leadership Society Development

The Challenge

St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation had a history of significant support from what would be considered mid-level donors, and we felt there was massive potential in this area for the organization.


We know that mid-level donors like to feel part of something larger than themselves, and we believed the formalization of this mid-level program would make existing mid-level donors feel valued and inspire prospective mid-level donors to increase their support.


We started by creating a name (Leadership Society), brand and benefits for leadership donors, and the Foundation created a dedicated Leadership Society fundraiser role.

We also recognized the need for a unique case for support for this group, so the Foundation leveraged their capital campaign as well as tangible equipment asks in the packages they sent Leadership Society donors.

The primary channel for this program is direct mail, and we’ve made great efforts to not only modify regular donor packages, but create new, content heavy and inspiring packages specifically for Leadership Society donors.

The Foundation also creates exclusive events for this special group of donors, where they get a behind the scenes look at the hospital and the impact of their support.


Leadership donors increased their giving by 38% after joining the Leadership Society program. The total income for St. Michael’s Foundation Leadership Society in 2014 was $365,000.