Monthly Acquisition Campaign (MAC)

The Challenge

Like many Canadian charities, each fall WWF-Canada would mail a stand-alone, direct mail acquisition package to non-supporters, with the objective of inspiring Canadians to give a one-time-gift and become an annual donor. But in 2014 WWF-Canada wanted to take their acquisition campaign to the next level.


We know donors and potential donors connect to the faces of the species that we are asking them to help. And that by telling a story about the species, not just focusing on the science, people are more inspired to act. By choosing the familiar and iconic polar bear, we created interest in the species and concern for their future.

We also know that integrating as many channels as possible will improve results, and that television and digital have the largest reach.


Combining the core insight with best practices in direct mail and integration across digital platforms allowed for cohesive messaging, which motivated donors to ‘act now’.
In 2014, we embarked on a bold initiative to replace the traditional, stand-alone direct mail acquisition package with an integrated monthly donor acquisition campaign.

We produced a 60-sec DRTV spot asking viewers to become a regular, monthly donor to WWF. We leveraged the successful symbolic polar bear adoption product, and a story about a polar bear mother losing her cub in the melting Arctic ice.

In addition, we created a suite of online ads that carried the creative concept across to the digital space. We also built a best-practice, mobile-optimized landing page focused on converting visitors to monthly supporters.

Lastly, knowing Google has trained us all to “search” when responding, we ensured homepage presence of the campaign to direct viewers who would inevitably route to the landing page via WWF’s home page.


In the 2014 campaign, more than 1,200 new high-value monthly donors joined the WWF-Canada movement.