Paws & Give

The Challenge

The Ontario SPCA had been running the symbolic giving program Paws and Give for several years, but faced two key challenges: competition in the symbolic giving space, and low cart value. These challenges were leveraged as opportunities to change both the key offer and the marketing approach for Paws & Give.


People who support the Ontario SPCA love animals, and when they are given a way to show their support in a different way, they will give. Providing donors with a way to support the organization and meet a key need – specifically gift giving dilemma’s – it’s a win-win for both Ontario SPCA and the donor.


We created a multi-channel, integrated symbolic giving campaign that included direct mail, digital, social media and video and gave the Paws and Give program a creative update.
To drive improved results, the Ontario SPCA added a plush toy to help make their symbolic giving program more tangible. In the first year after this addition, average purchase size increased by 5.4%. To overcome competition, we decided to advertise in a space that wasn’t being used by competitors, so we produced a short video spot in house to run on YouTube. This drove 31,000 click-throughs to the Paws & Give site, with 7.3 million impressions.


  • Overall revenue increased by 20%
  • Number of Paws and Give gifts increased by 15%
  • Number of online donors increased by 17%
  • Number of online gifts increased by 20%
  • Online revenue increased by 13.8%

This campaign continues to grow year over year – as the Ontario SPCA continues to strive to innovate and push the envelope on this program, adding different bundling options, special offers and more plush toys.


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