Stewardship Campaign

  • Client:

    Canadian Diabetes Association

  • Our Role:

The Challenge

The client wanted to find a unique and authentic way to thank donors for supporting the Canadian Diabetes Association, and set the stage for their upcoming research campaign.


Connecting donors directly to the research they support positively impacts their desire to continue to give, and increase their level of support.


We wanted to connect the donor directly with the researcher in a way they have never experienced before.
We created a report about an inspiring diabetes research breakthrough made possible by the donor’s support. The report was personalized using “handwritten” notes from Dr. Johnathon Long, and included highlights and annotations that would be of particular interest to the donor. We also used images and an infographic.
This execution is unique because the report comes directly from the researcher. This allowed the passion of the researcher to come through and create a personal connection with the donor.

The idea was to help donors better understand how research leads to new treatments and medications, and to give them the feeling that it was explicitly written and personalized for them. Together, these tactics were intended to make donors feel really great about their support, and give again.

Another key piece was the data strategy. We targeted CDA’s most valuable supporters, including those who demonstrated either loyalty, or had an above average gift level.


Stewardship campaigns do not include a direct fundraising ask, nor is there an expectation that people would make a donation. However, this campaign was so compelling that it successfully raised funds, including larger than average gifts.