Integrated Year End Campaign

The Challenge

Diabetes Canada already a fully integrated successful year end campaign. With limited budget, how could we inspire more people to join the movement to end diabetes?


Through donor insights as well as past testing, we knew that donors were inspired by new treatments and research that could lead to a cure. What excites them most is hearing about a specific piece of research they can get behind.

We also know that more and more people are consuming content through video, and that video has helped to vastly improve donations through digital and social media.


Diabetes Canada has a large Facebook following and database of email addresses. To reach more of them and inspire them, we created a video that featured Type 1 diabetes patient Janet Blouin and her son, and Dr. Bruce Perkins, Diabetes Canada funded researcher who is currently working on an articifical pancreas, a new treatment for diabetes. This video was used in email, digital media and social channels. Potential donors were directed to a campaign based landing page.

The video has also been leveraged for other uses across the organization making it a worthwhile investment.


The results were incredible. Online donations were up over 25% year over year and the donations continued to come in even after December 31st. The digital campaign engaged both new supporters and existing supporters and Diabetes Canada is looking to scale this campaign up in 2018.