Simply put, what makes data sexy is the amount of power it holds in building meaningful relationships.

Your data – the information you have on one of your most valuable relationships — DONORS — is key to everything you do. It drives great strategy, inspiring creative targeted to the right people, and results in amazing donor experiences and long-term success. So, what are we doing to ensure we have the data we need, when we need it, and that we’re using the power of our data in the right ways?

In other words, how do we ensure we aren’t just speed dating with donors by merely scratching the surface of what they’re telling us?

Let’s instead use the information we collect to deliver great content and amazing donor experiences that inspire donors to connect more deeply with your organization.

It starts with data collection. And it’s more than just email addresses and phone numbers, volunteering, and sources of acquisition. It has to be built around affinity — the activities and behaviours that identify who loves you, or who just likes you (or the premium in your latest direct mail package), or who is disconnected or not happy with you at all.

We need to think past RFV (recency, frequency, value) into behavioural indicators; information that allows us to identify affinity, preferences, interest areas, and ways of engaging in order to build better segmentation strategies and ensure donors feel we know them.

The more you know about your donors, the more you can make them feel that your communications and case for support are for them.

You can put your data to work to better target and engage donors in your cause in an authentic way. Using stories and other content that are meaningful; content donors actually want to see and interact with (not just what you want to produce).

Lastly, data can help you build donor journeys that do more for the donors who love you. It can drive specific investments in stewardship and engagement that will reap benefits over the long-term — for your organization, and the donor too!

This is why we think data is sexy!

So, stop speed dating and get your data working harder for you to drive better donor relationships.