Taking the Pulse Of Donors in This time of Crisis
Survey Results on What Donors Are Feeling Now

Blakely, in collaboration with The Aber Group (our digital media partner) and Google, has conducted a second wave of research in Canada and the US to see how people are feeling about charitable approaches as COVID-19 continues.

We have published a second set of infographics based on the findings from our second wave of research, these are available for download along with the research paper that was published based on wave one of our research.

Key focus areas for the survey included:

Attitudes towards giving during the crisis – are people more or less inclined to give now than in the beginning of the pandemic? Are they planning to give more, less or the same as last year?

  • Are there differences between men & women, ages, regions, Canadians & Americans?
  • How are people wanting to help, and how does this impact our case for support?
  • How can charities that are not directly responding to COVID communicate with donors?
  • Indications on how efforts now might translate to giving in the future?

Our plan is to repeat this survey to provide you with ongoing information about how donors are feeling towards giving and how those attitudes might change over time.

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